Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Friday TIPS

Black Friday 2013

As black Friday approaches, we sit back and think about what we look forward to when shopping for deals. Is it the door busters, the markdowns or the rush of the crowds that we look forward to?  We feel it's a combination of all three.

Although all of our clothing is priced at less than $50 year round, we always look forward to Black Friday.  It is a time where stores are bustling, customers are getting amazing deals and the holiday spirit is in the air.  It's definitely an exciting time for stores and for customers.

Here are a five tips to help make your Black Friday shopping experience better than ever. 

Tip # 1 - Arrive early.  In order to get the best selection of merchandise plan on arriving early.  While you probably won't need to camp out for days like Best Buy, you should still plan on arriving early to get a good spot in line. Our first person in line for our 2013 Black Friday sale claimed their spot at 5:30am.   (And by the way . . . the earlier you arrive, the more free stuff and goodies we'll have for you - check back for details!) 

Tip # 2 - Limit distractions.  If at all possible leave husbands or boyfriends at home.  :)  We all know that we don't want to be rushed on the busiest shopping day of the year!

Tip # 3 - Wear proper clothing. Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to change out of or easy to slip clothing over as you try it on. This will keep your fitting room time down so you have more time digging for deals!

Tip # 4 -  If you think you want an item, don't put it down! As soon as you put it down to "think" about it someone comes in and swoops it up before you make your decision.  Since we only stock a limited number of our products and since everything goes extremely fast on Black Friday if you see something you are thinking about buying then keep it with you!

Tip # 5 - Be patient with us and with other customers.  Although we do the best we can to, it is possible that you'll have to wait in line either at the door, for a fitting room or when checking out.  Please also be patient with other customers who are shopping.  We promise it'll make your day go a lot easier and everyone will be happy.

Bonus Tip - Join our email list HERE to get the latest updates on our Black Friday deals.  

Be sure to check back with us often this week.  This sale will be the biggest sale of our company's history and you don't want to miss the details!

Simply Southern + Southern Darlin Long Sleeves

Need a great gift? Our Simply Southern + Southern Darlin' tee's make GREAT grifts for Christmas! Short sleeves are $20 and long sleeves range from $25-$30! 

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Southern darlin' Collection

We can't get enough of these Southern darlin' t-shirts! 

" I like my men like I like my tea: strong, sweet + southern" tee

" Bless Your Heart  "

 " Shopping Is My Cardio "

 "Trophy Wife "

 "Ain't nothin' in the whole wide world like a southern girl" 

 "Classy, Sassy + Southern" 

Southern darlin' also has a state t-shirt collection! 

South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas + Florida.
{Also available: Georgia + Kentucky} 

Only $20 and available in-store + online.

Shop all southern tee's here.

A Cut Above Boutique 
1925 SW 18th Ct #104
Ocala, Fl 34471

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Southern Is...

Around here, we think "Southern" is anything to do with Y'all, Sweet-tea, Pink and Green, the SEC, and of course bows and anchors!

That's why we are pretty OBSESSED with this new preppy t-shirt collection that we found at the Atlanta market two weekends ago!


Pretty great right? The best part... they are ONLY $20! 

While at market we placed some orders for some other GREAT lines.
 Including everyone's favorite southern brand  - Lilly Pulitzer Gifts! 
Here is a sneak peek at what's coming early spring. 

Shop our in-stock Lilly Pulitzer HERE  

We had a great time in Atlanta looking for the newest trends to bring back to
 A Cut Above Boutique and  www.ShopACutAbove.com

Shopping at 26 weeks pregnant at Atlanta Market  :) 

xoxo, Brittney 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maxi Skirt Madness

Today we are talking…..maxi skirts!
These skirts are not only absolutely fabulous, they are easily the most comfortable articles of clothing I own (and trust me, I’m an expert in these because I own like five of them… don’t judge). Not only are they comfortable and adorable, they are very transitional as well!

In the fall and winter, they are perfect with a long sleeve, a scarf, or a cardigan.

Then in the spring and summer you can add a crew tee or a tank and you’re good to go!

There is nothing better than a piece of clothing you can mold into an outfit for ANY time of the year! There are soooo many possibilities when it comes to these beauties which is why we love them so much! I’ve heard some customers say they don’t think they could pull them off which I think anyone can pull these off since they are so versatile and because they have a folding waistband. Any height can rock them! 

So following the “New Year, New You” cliché, 
I dare you all that do not own your very own maxi skirt, to branch out and buy one (or if you do own one, you can grow a collection like me)!

 I promise you won’t regret it, you will probably come running back for more! 

Happy shopping, ladies!

XO, Kaitlyn

Shop maxi skirts here!